6 classes for the current events junkie

Forget the Oscars, you host watch parties for presidential debates. You get alerts to your phone when breaking news hits and your proudest moment is that time Katie Couric “favorited” your Tweet. Sound familiar? We’ve got you covered, news junkie. These courses dive into topics that are hot right now.

1. COMS 425 Communication and the American Presidency

President Obama can deliver pointed oratory in a State of the Union address, but he can also chill with YouTube stars like Glozell and poke fun at himself in a parody video. Thanks, Obama.

In this class, students will examine the ways in which American presidents communicate with the American people and how such communication influences the public. Emphasis will be placed on a number of approaches to better understanding presidential communication, including rhetorical, historical, and content analysis.

2. HIST 390 Youth, Sex and Romance


Swipe right on this course. It’s a history of what came before hooking up, “yes means yes,” and tinder.

3. PHIL 368 Moral Issues in Sports

Deflategate, spygate, A-Rod’s drug scandal, racist comments from NBA officials – there’s no shortage of questionable morals in sports.

This course is a philosophical investigation of the nature and value of sports. Provides students with an overview of ethical theory and considers principled answers to questions about the values of sports and about how those values can be sustained or demeaned. Students debate a variety of live controversies in sports today such as drugs, cheating, sexism, racism, the role of sports in educational institutions, Title IX, commercialization, and violence.

4. WGSS 327 Perspectives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender

Following the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out and Laverne Cox’s Emmy nomination – there’s been a lot of media coverage on the LGBT community. This class will give you an opportunity to discuss these perspectives beyond the seven-second sound bite.

An exploration of the experiences and histories of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBT); of the influences on these experiences by individuals, the state, and artistic, legal and medical discourses; and of the intersections between sexual orientation, sexuality, ethnicity, class, and religion.

Satisfies KU Core: Goal 4 Outcome 1

5. SOC 600 Sociological Perspectives: Surveillance and Social Control 


Got a sense that you’re being watched? Olivia Pope knows the feeling.

This course is an analysis of sociological perspectives and/or the application of various perspectives to a given social phenomenon, in this case surveillance. Prerequisite: A principal course in sociology.

6. BIOL 420 Research on Kansas Native Bees

Before you swat that bee crawling on your soda or knock down a hive – get the buzz on these helpful creatures. Bee populations are declining at a historic rate and that’s bad news for humans. Without bees to pollinate our food, we likely can’t survive.

The preparation and presentation of oral reports on selected topics from the recent research literature. Prerequisite: Course work varying with the topic of the seminar, or consent of instructor.

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Note: These classes are offered across all semesters. Check out the schedule of classes to see what’s available in upcoming semesters.