7 College classes Rory Gilmore would love

Dropping backpacks

Are you done with the same old lectures every day? Be like Rory Gilmore. Read more books, explore more worlds, write more words.

Despite her despair at carrying so many books, we all know that Rory’s true passion is reading, writing and forever learning. Step aside, Dean. Jog on, Jess. Stay in London, Logan. Books are Rory’s true love.

Given the opportunity, Rory would take every single KU College class, majoring in all 50+ College majors and never leaving KU. But if she had to choose, classes on reading and writing would surely be top priorities.

Take a page out of Rory’s book and try some of these classes to flame your love of reading and writing.


ENGL 209 Introduction to Fiction:

In-depth reading of and writing about prose fiction with emphasis on critical analysis of a variety of narrative types from different historical periods.

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With 5 different subjects offered, Intro to Fiction gives students their choice of subject matter. Unlike Rory, you probably don’t have time to tackle them all…

CLSX 168 Ancient Epic Tales:

This course provides a survey of ancient epic poetry, focusing on literature from the Greek, Roman, and Mediterranean world. 

Okay, maybe an old book doesn’t make you freak out like Rory. But their words transport you to ancient worlds packed with adventure. Take CLSX 168 Ancient Classic Tales and discover worlds more exciting than Games of Thrones.

HUM 140 Introduction to World Literature:

This course provides an introduction to the field of world literature as an approach to critical reading and writing about literary works in a global context. 

Rory’s love of books knows no geographical boundaries, reading works from across the globe. Enroll in HUM 140 to explore the world through literature.

HIST 361 Youth, Sex, and Romance:

Most people don’t think of sex and romance as having a history.  But the nature of “courtship,” the definitions of sex, and the meaning of “youth” have changed dramatically over time, and people struggle over those definitions right up to the current day. In this class we try to make historical sense of those struggles by focusing on a volatile and complicated period in U.S. history: the years from World War II through the recent past. (Same as WGSS 361.)


At various stages of her life, Rory falls in love with Dean, Jess and Logan and each relationship is very different. Discover the changing meanings of youth, sex and romance in HIST 361.

PHIL 381 Feminism and Philosophy:

An examination of topics of philosophical interest that are important in the feminist movement such as the nature of sexism, the concept of sexual equality, the ethics of sexual behavior, the nature of love, feminist analyses of the value of marriage and family, the ethics of abortion, and justifications for preferential treatment of women.

Is Rory Gilmore a feminist? The question is hotly contested. Take PHIL 381 Feminism and Philosophy, then decide for yourself.

THR 308 Script Analysis:

This course provides knowledge and methods enabling students to conduct in-depth study of dramatic scripts. Emphasis is given to the analysis skills appropriate to practitioners of stage and screen arts.

Rory read everything she could, including scripts of history’s greatest plays. Enroll in THR 308 and take a look at classic Greek tragedies and more.

ENGL 220 Creative Writing:

In-depth reading and writing in multiple genres (e.g. poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, playwriting). Creative assignments combine with critical analysis to help students identify, analyze, and employ forms and techniques across various genres, audiences, and contexts. Written assignments include creative works in multiple genres and critical responses to reading.

Now take what you’ve learned and apply it! Try your hand at writing in the different styles you’ve learned. You’ll be graduating before you know it!

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Note: These classes are offered across all semesters. Check out the schedule of classes to see what’s available in upcoming semesters.