7 ways to make the most of your break

3…2…1… It’s finally time for that break you’ve been waiting for!  It doesn’t matter if it happens mid-semester or between semesters – it’s the most wonderful time of the year – it’s BREAK TIME.  Here’s how to have the most relaxing and productive break ever:

1. First, take a deep breath

Inhale, exhale. Breathe out all of your anxieties and stressors. You made it. You deserve this.

2. Take advantage of “me-time”

Get plenty of sleep, eat some real food and go for a walk/run/jog, or do some yoga, maybe lift some weights. Schedule doctor/dentist appointments that you haven’t had time for. Take a day to do something for yourself. Get a massage, get your nails painted, go home and visit your family, play some video games.

3. Catch up with friends and family

17 missed call from your best friend? A text from your brother that you haven’t responded to? Call them. FaceTime them. Skype them. Text them. Talk to the people who make up your support system. Make a dinner date. Go for coffee. Catch up on each other’s lives.

4. Read a book, or watch a movie

There’s not a lot of time for leisure reading or movie watching during the semester – take advantage of your free time. Read that book you’ve had your eye on, or watch that movie everyone’s talking about. You might even find the time to read two books or watch three movies!

5. Actually do those things you’ve been thinking about

Like looking into Study Abroad options, applying for scholarships, searching for internships, maybe seeking out volunteer opportunities. And don’t forget to schedule appointments with your instructors or meetings with your advisor(s).

6. Get ahead

This is the perfect time to start some of those final papers/projects that are due at the end of the semester. You don’t have to finish them, but consider making an outline or creating a “to-do” schedule. It will help alleviate some of the last-minute panic at the end of the semester.

7. Prepare for “back to school”

Take a look at your textbook lists, buy some fun new pens or notebooks, or any other supplies that might need restocking. If you’re coming back to a new semester, double check your class schedule. If you find you have questions, set up an appointment with an advisor.

Spring break, summer break, fall break, and winter break: four seasons, four well-deserved opportunities to refresh and recharge. Use the time wisely, but don’t forget to TREAT YO’SELF.