Aly Lange interns at the UN

Aly Lange, Nikki Haley's

Hometown: Platte City, MO

Majors: Global and International Studies, Spanish minor

Why did you choose your majors/minors? I have a passion for learning about the world around me and complex issues in global social justice.

Internship title and organization: Press and Public Diplomacy for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations

What were your responsibilities during your internship? 

"At the USUN, I contributed to Ambassador Nikki Haley's daily press briefings and was responsible for alerting US diplomats about pertinent global events as they occurred, among other duties."

What was your favorite part(s) of the internship? I was given a pass to enter the United Nations building whenever I wanted to! So I was able to sit in on U.N. Security Council meetings, High-Level Political Platforms on the Sustainable Development Goals, and other interesting events. I also was able to give the Editor-in-Chief of Glamour magazine a brief tour of the UN!

What did you gain from the experience that will be valuable to you in the future? 

As a future attorney, being able to speak with lawyers at the USUN about their experiences was very enlightening. I was also able to learn both what the UN is effective in doing and where it falls short as a global power.

How have the classes you’d taken at KU prepared you for the internship?

"All of the coursework for GIST that honed my writing skills were extremely helpful - Intro to GIST and 699 specifically were key in preparing my writing. At one point I wrote Written Wrap Ups on events and issues that were cleared by the U.S. Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador to the UN, and at another point I was able to submit a Communications Report to the White House!"

What do you plan to do next?

I will begin law school beginning in the Fall of 2018!

What do you like best about studying in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at KU?

Through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I’ve had the opportunity to take diverse and interesting classes that helped me discover my true vocation.

What would you tell your freshman self?

That I shouldn’t force myself into remaining within the limited scope of interests and skills I think I have, to not be afraid to expand my horizons. Furthermore, that my perception of myself and the world will naturally change quite a bit during my time at KU, and to enjoy the ride!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration are marginalized people who refuse to comply with injustice. As an attorney, I want to advocate for and represent the oppressed and marginalized and champion their causes. DACA recipients who have organized and demanded legislation in the midst of fear of deportation, people of color who dismantle systemic racism daily, feminists who assert the equal dignity of men and women – these people give me hope and inspire me to pursue justice.