Conquer the Iron Throne with these 13 College classes

Who will claim the Iron Throne in the end? Cersei, Daenerys and Jon Snow seem the most likely human contenders, though the Night King and his newly acquired dragon might just defeat them all. Or maybe you could make a late bid by mastering the skills of persuasion, politics and the weather by taking these 13 College classes…

ATMO 220 Atmospheric Science – Unusual Weather

Winter has been coming for six whole seasons, though Jon Snow has had his fair share of time braving the snow in the North. But as the first snow begins to fall in Kings Landing, what’s behind this unusual weather system? Master this class, and you might be the savior of Westeros.

An introductory lecture course which surveys the general principles and techniques of atmospheric science and illustrates their application through discussions of natural but unusual weather phenomena such as blizzards, hurricanes, tornados, and chinooks, of the effects of air pollution on weather, and of intentional human alteration of the atmosphere. Satisfies: Goal 1 Outcome 1 (GE11) ,  Goal 3 Natural Sciences (GE3N) ,  N Natural Science (N) ,  NE Earth Sciences PC (NE)

POLS 562 Political Science – Women and Politics

Daenerys Targaryen is a fierce and just leader, winning loyalty for her belief in a fair, free and equal society from the Dothraki, unsullied and a group of unlikely allies along the way. Cersei Lannister rules by violence, political gaming, and money. Both are strong powerful women who’ve had to fight incredibly hard for their positions and for respect. Arya and Sansa Stark have also successfully navigated the tumultuous political waters of Westeros in their quest for survival and revenge. Learn about real life Daenarys, Cersei, Arya and Sansa in this class.

This course exposes students to contemporary research on women and politics by surveying the sub-fields of political science. Topics include women’s representation in the U.S., women and U.S. public policy, gender and legal theory, international women’s movements, women and revolution, and women as political elites. We will examine the ways in which feminist theory and women’s activism have challenged the narrow focus of the discipline as well as redefined women’s place in society. (Same as WGSS 562.) Prerequisite: Sophomore level or consent of the instructor. Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 1 (AE41) ,  S Social Science (S)

COMS 232 Communication Studies – The Rhetorical Tradition

How many times has Tyrion been in a tight spot? He’s been on trial by his own family, a prisoner in far-away lands and a confidente of some of the most powerful leaders. When he has to, Tyrion fights. But on the whole he uses his smarts and way with words to survive and thrive. Be more like Tyrion by learning the art of communication and persuasion.

Historical survey of theories of communication and persuasion, the people who produced them, and the philosophical assumptions upon which they rest. Beginning with the Greeks, especially Plato and Aristotle, and ending with selections from Kenneth Burke and other contemporary figures, the course focuses on changing concepts of rhetoric throughout a time span of some 2000 years. Prerequisite: COMS 130, COMS 150, or COMS 230. Satisfies: Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H) ,  H Humanities (H) ,  HR Philosophy & Religion PC (HR)

CLSX 168 Classics – Ancient Epic Tales

The Game of Thrones world is epic. There are seven kingdoms in Westeros alone. Not to mention the lands across the narrow sea and over the Wall. And many characters find themselves a long way from home. Daenerys travels from city to city, finding fame, fortune, and enslavement, as she tries to find her way home to Westeros. Epic journeys home are common in ancient poetry, and they are just as exciting as the travels of characters in Game of Thrones.

This course provides a survey of ancient epic poetry, focusing on literature from the Greek, Roman, and Mediterranean world. All readings will be in English; no knowledge of any ancient languages is required. The works selected will be ancient epic tales primarily from Greece, Rome and the Mediterranean world (e.g. Epic of Gilgamesh, Homer, Apollonius, Vergil, Ovid, Statius) though some ancient epics from other cultures may be used for comparative purposes (e.g. Beowulf, Popol Vuh, Mahabharata). Class discussion and assignments focus on understanding the ancient cultures and their relation to our own, evaluating the arguments of scholars, and creating well-reasoned written and oral arguments about ancient epics. Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42) ,  Goal 1 Outcome 1 (GE11) ,  Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H) ,  H Humanities (H) ,  HL Literature & the Arts PC (HL)

ANTH 160 Anthropology – Varieties of Human Experience

Wildling Ygritte and Jon Snow have a love and hate relationship. From prisoner, to love affair, to attempted murder, to watching Ygritte die in his arms, their feelings are about as extreme as they come. But much of the hatred in their relationship stems from a mistrust of other cultures. In their love, they bridge the long-held animosity between Wildlings and all south of the Wall, showing the possibility of appreciating cultural difference if one can overcome prejudice.

An introduction to basic concepts and themes in cultural anthropology by means of the comparative study of selected cultures from around the world, for the purpose of appreciating cultural diversity. Emphasis is on systems of belief and meaning. Not open to students who have taken ANTH 360. Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42) ,  Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H) ,  Goal 3 Social Sciences (GE3S) ,  NW Non-Western Culture (NW) ,  S Social Science (S) ,  World Culture (W)

GEOG 102 Geography – People, Place, and Society

Across the Game of Thrones universe there are noticeable differences in languages, clothes, food, and social customs? Each city or landscape seems to shape the people who live there, and their culture. How and why do the different environments in Game of Thrones shape the local populous?

An examination of the relationships between humans and their environments. The course introduces students to basic concepts in human geography relating to economic activities, landscapes, languages, migrations, nations, regions, and religions. Serves as the basis for further course work in cultural, economic, political, population, and urban geography. Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42) ,  Goal 3 Social Sciences (GE3S) ,  S Social Science (S) ,  SC Culture & Society PC (SC)

LING 320 Linguistics – Language in Culture and Society

When Daenerys first lives among the Dothraki she is alienated because she can’t communicate with husband-to-be Khal Drogo. The gruff tones of the Dothraki language sound aggressive and threatening, and the inability to communicate creates resentment. It even threatens her life. But once she masters the language, she is able to forge a bond with Drogo and eventually lead the nomadic horse-mounted warriors of Essos. Be like Daenerys, discover the importance of language.

Language is an integral part of culture and an essential means by which people carry out their social interactions with the members of their society. The course explores the role of language in everyday life of peoples in various parts of the world and the nature of the relationship between language and culture. Topics include world-view as reflected in language, formal vs. informal language, word taboo, and ethnography of speaking. (Same as ANTH 320.) Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 1 (AE41) ,  Goal 6 Outcome 1 (AE61) ,  S Social Science (S) ,  SC Culture & Society PC (SC)

PCS 120 Peace and Conflict Studies – Intro to Peace & Conflict Studies

Having three dragons on hand can be pretty helpful when negotiating peace with an enemy. But so too can skilled negotiation and compromise, as Tyrion knows well. If your ultimate aim is to unite the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, knowing all the ways to find peace will prove key.

An introduction to the content and methods of peace studies. Peace studies is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to the study of war and peace. Building on and integrating the work of various fields of study, the course examines the causes of structural and direct violence within and among societies and the diverse ways in which humans have sought peace, from conquest and balance of power to international organizations and nonviolent strategies. Satisfies: Goal 1 Outcome 1 (GE11) ,  Goal 3 Arts and Humanities (GE3H) ,  H Humanities (H) ,  HT Historical Studies PC (HT)

PHSX 594 Physics – Cosmology and Culture

Is it the Night King and his band of zombies that are bringing winter to Westeros? Or are cosmological forces at work? What is surprising is how little the Game of Thrones heroes and villains look up, to the sky, and examine the ways that the cosmos shapes their world. If you master this course, you might just learn a new explanation about why winter comes so infrequently in Westeros.

A survey of modern physical cosmology, its recent historical roots, and creation myths from many world cultures. An examination of the effects of these stories on their parent cultures. Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42) ,  N Natural Science (N)

METL 515 Metalsmithing/Jewelry (METL) – Advanced Metals I

Will a gentle and humble working-class blacksmith win the Iron Throne in the end? Gendry is an outside bet, but he is an heir to the throne as Robert Baratheon’s son. If he does take power, it will probably be due to his metal work skills making swords. Be like Gendry, learn to metalsmith.

Emphasis on individual design aesthetic through intensive designing, rendering, and modelmaking as preparation for fabricated pieces of jewelry, holloware, and/or small objects; capstone experience. Prerequisite: METL 362. Satisfies: Goal 6 Outcome 1 (AE61) ,  H Humanities (H)

GIST 686 Global & International Studies – International Human Rights

Sadistic Ramsay Bolton is probably the premier torturer of the Game of Thrones universe. Cersei comes close, but Ramsey is a next level piece of work. Both Theon and Sansa feel his hate, and Sansa eventually gets revenge. The violent mistreatment of humans could be avoided if there was a human rights body governing Westeros. Learn how to think about the challenges and theories of human rights, and be prepared to take a real-life Ramsay Bolton to the Hague with this class.

The course introduces students to historical and philosophical bases of contemporary human rights, theoretical approaches and methodological challenges to studying human rights questions, and acquaints them with the main topics, controversies, and tensions in the scholarship, practice and politics of human rights. (Same as POLS 686.) Prerequisite: Sophomore level or consent of instructor is required. Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42) ,  S Social Science (S)

GEOL 351 Geology – Environmental Geology

Why is the North so sparsely settled? The weather doesn’t help, that’s for sure. But neither does the landscape. Avalanches on those mountains are a hazard, as are frozen lakes that constantly threaten to thaw and swallow you up. Perhaps the Night King’s real motivation to take his army of white walkers south isn’t the Iron Throne, but the need to find land and resources so his icy mob can settle down.

An introductory course dealing with the implications of geologic processes and materials for civilization. Topics to be considered include: geologic hazards such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, and volcanism; the availability of water, mineral, and energy resources; and the environmental impact of resource utilization. The importance of recognizing geologic constraints in land use planning and engineering projects is emphasized and illustrated by examples. Satisfies: Goal 3 Natural Sciences (GE3N) ,  N Natural Science (N) ,  NE Earth Sciences PC (NE)

ENGL 507 English – Science, Technology & Society

Cersei might have Jaime ‘Kingslayer’ Lannister by her side, but it’s the silent work of Maester Qyburn that gives her a technological advantage over the others. The mastermind behind the use of wildfire in warfare, the Frankensteinal Mountain, and a new weapon that can even take down a dragon, it’s a scientist and inventor that’s keeping Cersei in power.

Science and technology offer many benefits to individuals and to societies, yet they also present many challenges. This course explores the past, present, and possible future effects of science and technology on society through readings and discussions of nonfiction articles in conjunction with science-fiction stories and novels. Capstone course. Prerequisite: Prior completion of at least one 300- or 400-level English course. Satisfies: Goal 6 Outcome 1 (AE61) ,  H Humanities (H)

Note: These classes are offered across all semesters. Check out the schedule of classes to see what’s available in upcoming semesters.