Exploring Biodiversity: Benedictus Freeman’s Story


Name: Benedictus Freeman

Term: 2nd year Ph.D. student

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Advisor: A. Townsend Peterson

Research interests: Conservation biology, distributional ecology, ecological niche modeling, and climate change

Research summary: My research seeks to explain the current and future distributions of West African biodiversity, particularly birds. I want to know how they are influenced by global climate change now, and in the future (50 to 100 years from now), and what conservation approaches can we take to ensure that they continue to persist through these environmental changes.

Recommended KU class: Research ethics

Fun fact about me:

I am from Liberia, a small country on the west coast of Africa and yet, rich in history. I am probably the only and first student from Liberia at KU.

Studying at KU from the other side of the Atlantic has been fun, except that I have to brace for the unpredictable Kansas weather.