Insia Zufer takes passions from classroom to community

Ask Insia Zufer why she studies biology, and she’ll give you an answer that extends far beyond a passion for fieldwork. By exploring how and why humans, animals and even a blade of grass work, Insia discovers the connections that unite us all to each other, and to the planet. She added minors in psychology and film to gain new ways of looking at the world, and to explore her love of the arts. For this Jayhawk, the subjects she studies help shape her worldview.

And it is this desire to help others and the environment that motivates Insia’s work beyond the KU campus. As Managing Director of the KU Center for Community Outreach, Insia helps coordinate programs that address the needs of the Lawrence community. Along with the other members of the CCO, Insia makes our local community a better place, contributing to programs that support education, arts, health and care for the elderly. And in the process, she helps fellow KU students apply their passions to support others and become lifelong active, aware and engaged citizens.

As a student on the premedical track, Insia seems certain to continue applying her boundless energy and compassion to uplifting society when she graduates from KU.