McKenzie Cory, scientist, artist & zoo intern

Combining classes in photography, sign language, biology & anthropology, junior McKenzie Cory takes full advantage of all the variety the College and KU has to offer. Oh, and she’s interning at Topeka Zoo too, and crafting in her spare time. Busy, busy.

In March 2017, we handed McKenzie the keys to our Instagram account to show us what it’s like to take “a crazy variety of classes” in one week, and because we wanted to see all the cute animals at the zoo!

Here’s KU from McKenzie’s point of view:


Good morning, Jayhawks. "I'm McKenzie, a junior studying human biology and anthropology. I'm in a crazy variety of classes and I really love animals & zoos!"


“The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has given me so many opportunities I would never have had otherwise, like the photography, sign language and business writing classes I’ve taken during my time at KU. It sounds cliché, but I’ve gotten a chance to broaden my horizons and learn about things I wouldn’t normally choose for myself.”


I CAN'T GET OVER HOW NICE THE FACILITIES ARE HERE. "Despite the grey sky, I'm here at Edwards campus for BIOL 416 Cell Structure & Function. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of my major, I end up taking a fair amount of biology classes here at Edwards."


I'm so thankful I found ASL. "It's time for SPED 504, or the fourth level of American Sign Language. I'm a very kinesthetic learner and was scared I wouldn't be able to do well in a foreign language like my degree requires. I'm so thankful I found ASL, a visual and physical language."


“I’M AT CHALMERS HALL, GETING READY FOR PHMD 101 INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY. ” “The first half of the semester we focused on digital photography, and now we’re starting our adventures into film photography. Today, we’re making photograms in the darkroom.”


I'M AN ANIMAL CARE INTERN AT TOPEKA ZOO. "My internship is like being a keeper in training. Today, I'm in the North American Range, which covers black bears, mountain lions, otters, our coyote & our bobcat. This is a picture of the part of the yard for the black bears, Indy, Val, and Sneak."


Four pictures of McKenzie's day at the Topeka Zoo: 1) picture of a digital clock in a car reading 6:29, text reads "Up really early to head out to my internship at Topeka Zoo"; 2) a picture of a white board reading "Interns: All of us interns just had a seminar on AZA accreditation - only 232 zoos and aquariums hold this title"; 3 a picture of a skunk and text reads "Meet Luna, one of our education animals"; 4) Monkeys in a tree, and text reads "Exploring or looking for their next nap spot"


I love crafting. "I'm up early to study for a quiz in Bio of Human Nutrition in a few hours, so to keep y'all company, I thought I'd share this Jayhawk I painted last semester (not free-handed, of course)."


A picture of McKenzie in a black dress and her boyfriend in a dark grey suit, white shirt and bow-tie. They are at the bottom of a staircase. The caption reads: "To close out my takeover, I'm going to my formal with my boyfriend tonight. I've had quite the busy three days, I've been happy to have something interesting to share. LA&S has given me so many opportunities (hidden as degree requirements) I would have never have had otherwise, like the photography, sign language, & business writing classes I've taken during my time at KU. It sounds cliche, but I've gotten a chance to broaden my horizons and learn about things I wouldn't normally choose for myself. If it weren't for the breadth of courses I've taken, I found wouldn't have found my concentration: Anthropology, which I love so much. Follow me @Kenziecee on insta and snapchat & @mckenziecee on twitter."

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