Leader and language learner: Mattie Bieberly prepares for government career

Mattie Bieberly is a dreamer with dedication, a compassionate Jayhawk who works hard to ensure that she’s ready to give everything to help others. Mattie is what makes the College the Heart of KU.

Mattie knows that getting your dream job doesn’t just happen, it comes from preparing yourself with the right skills, gaining a wide range of experiences and working hard to turn your passions into reality. With aspirations to work in the government, it’s an understatement to say that Mattie’s time at KU has been full. Her studies and campus involvement is an overflowing plate. Academically, she’s pursuing majors in history and political science, as well as a minor in Middle East Studies, all focused on building her understanding of Iraq. Three years of Arabic language learning ensures Mattie has the necessary skills to pursue her academic interests, but is also well prepared for the world of work beyond KU.  Mattie is also the Director of Alternative Breaks, a student run organization helping KU students find volunteer and service learning opportunities, and is a College of Liberal Arts & Sciences representative on the KU Student Senate. Speaking to Mattie it is clear that a desire to advocate for others drives her to excel in all that she does.

Learn more about this compassionate and dedicated College Jayhawk in this video interview, and the graphics below:


"I am very interested in Middle Eastern history, so I majored in history and political science and have been learning Arabic for three years. I hope to use my Arabic language in my career because I want to work for the government."


"If you can master a language and become very fluent in it, it's really marketable for jobs, but also it's a really great analytical skill to have for the future."


"I've been a part of Alternative Breaks since my sophomore year and it has really round my experience."

"It has been really great to sit in the chamber each week and advocate for our student rights and what we need here on campus to make every student succeed."

"What really motivates me is to be a strong female presence not on;y in the classroom but also in the workforce. Hopefully one day I can use my voice to help people by working in the government."