October Davis learns for her students

October Davis loves teaching history. It’s her career calling. So when she arrived at KU, she enrolled in the School of Education and began developing the skills, knowledge and experience needed to become a secondary education teacher. And she’s never looked back.

But, like so many aspiring teachers October was also passionate about the subject she wanted to teach. Reading, researching and writing history sparked a fire in October that she could not ignore. Even though it would take her a little longer to graduate, October decided to pursue her passion by enrolling in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and adding a history major to her education degree.

Speaking to October now, it is easy to see why it was a great decision. When she talks about history, her eyes light up, a large smile crosses her face, and she bubbles with enthusiasm. She cannot wait to share what she’s discovered with the world. Combine that with her skill as a stand-up comic, and that energy makes you want to listen and learn. By pursuing her passion alongside her education as a teacher, October is now prepared to take on the world as a wonderfully engaging educator.

When October says that she “hopes to change the world” when she graduates, it is easy to believe her.