3 classes to help you discover the great state of Kansas

Every year, on January 29th, Kansans celebrate Kansas Day, marking the state’s admission into the Union.  But how much do you know about the great state of Kansas? Impress your friends with these three Kansas-themed cool classes offered by departments across the College.

HIST 348 History of the Peoples of Kansas:

John Brown

A survey of culture and society in Kansas from prehistory to the present. Topics include Native American life, Euro-American resettlement, Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War, agricultural settlement, urbanization and industrialization, depression and recovery, and modern Kansas in transition. Emphasis in the course will be on social and economic conditions, the experience of ethnic and racial groups, inter-racial relations, and the role of women.

What do you really know about Kansas? Our history is filled with much more than basketball. Learn about “Bleeding Kansas” and more.

GEOG 397 Geography of Kansas and the Plains:

Wheat Landscape

A study of the different physical, economic, and cultural settings in Kansas and the Plains that form the basis for various kinds of livelihood.

Take a look at our state from a new perspective: See Kansas’ variety of physical, economic and cultural settings.

HUM 175 Kansas Environment & Culture:

No place like home

An introduction to the inhabitants of Kansas and their experiences of the unique landscapes found within the state. Through the use of sources such as letters, autobiographies, novels, art, architecture and film, this course explores how Kansas environments have shaped and been shaped by the humans that occupy them, and why Kansas has had a powerful hold on the American imagination.

What is the quintessential Kansas experience? Take a look at how our state has captured the imagination of American writers.

Note: These classes are offered across all semesters. Check out the schedule of classes to see what’s available in upcoming semesters.