Winter grad profiles 2017

Learning from the experiences of other Jayhawks is the best way to make the most of your time on the Hill. So, we asked some of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences students who are candidates for completing their degrees in the Fall and Summer of 2017 to share some advice. Read their words, and discover the value of exploring Lawrence, taking online classes and finding that passion that motivates you to achieve great things.

Yasmeen Mansour, bachelor’s in sociology, minors in women, gender and sexuality studies and leadership studies. 

“After graduation, I plan on going into the workforce for a while and then applying to medical schools to become a gynecologist! Looking back, the one piece of advice I would give to incoming freshmen would be to really take advantage of every opportunity and go out with friends more, even if you feel like staying home. College makes the best, most unique memories and friendships that can’t be made at any other period in your life, so definitely go to that event that you were hesitant to go to, introduce yourself to your professor, and wear those sparkly pants to the party! Another piece of advice would be to explore Lawrence! 

Another piece of advice would be to explore Lawrence! Find the nature walks, the coffee shops, and the best restaurants in town. There’s so much to discover in a college town, and finding a favorite spot will make Lawrence feel even more like home.

Katherin Morales, bachelor’s in behavioral neuroscience and psychology.

“My favorite KU memory is adopting my now two-year-old puppy, Chloe. She keeps me grounded and entertained (she’s really cute too). My favorite time of year at KU is the week when all of the tulips blossom on Jayhawk Blvd – so many beautiful, vibrant colors to take in and enjoy.

I just finished applying to Ph.D. programs inneuroscience, so I hope to continue my education next fall. I would like to conduct research on neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, that will provide a deeper understanding of their causes and progression.”

"Looking back on my KU experience I would advise students to take advantage of every opportunity you can, don't stop studying the foreign language you took in high school (or start learning one), and study abroad. I can't stress this enough."

 Trenton James, master’s in public administration.

“While at KU I was promoted to an administrative position within a state-funded agency. Prior to my involvement with the MPA program I had been seen as a leader within my organization and given the opportunity to function in this capacity. I believe I was promoted because the administration noticed the maturing of my leadership skills and ability to engage the community and stakeholders in meaningful conversations about the future of criminal justice and reform. Looking back at my experience my advice to current or new students is to find your motivation.”

Looking back at my experience my advice to current or new students is to find your motivation."

Haley Tinch, bachelor’s in speech-language-hearing (speech langage pathology and audiology).

“I’ve learned to branch out and explore different majors. When I first arrived at KU I was only concerned with projects and classes related to my major, but after time I branched out by taking classes in applied behavioral science, linguistics, psychology, anthropology, and sociology. Due to this, it landed me an internship in the realm of applied behavioral sciences.

It’s okay to come to college undecided. It’s okay to change majors. It’s okay to explore and try new things. That’s what college is all about. Be patient. You’ll find something you’re passionate about.

Micah Swimmer, master’s in indigenous studies.

“My favorite KU memory was during career day at Haskell Indian Nations University. I visited with the Global Indigenous Nations Studies Program at KU and took a brochure. After reading it, I noticed that it said, “Preservation and Management of Indigenous Resources: Language Documentation and Revitalization.” Working in some capacity with my language has been a lifelong dream of mine. I went through the application process and a couple weeks later, I received my acceptance letter to the program!!

My plan after graduation is to continue fighting to keep our language alive and well. As of right now, I am working as the Adult Language and Education Coordinator at New Kituwah Academy in Cherokee, N.C. After graduation, I look to one day become the manager of New Kituwah Academy (It requires a master’s degree, so thank you, KU, for the opportunity).”

 KU has definitely prepared me for life after graduation. I will continue working with other tribes and share my ideas that may help them in their efforts of language preservation. 

En Ning Leow, bachelor’s in psychology.

“KU offers many opportunities to be involved in all sorts of academic and leisure activities; from study abroad programs to research experiences, events of diverse cultures and basketball games, all of these have contributed to the fun and meaningful times I’ve had in KU. After I graduate, I plan to venture out to other parts of the world to continue with my post-graduate education, and KU has taught me that being bold in taking initiatives is the first step toward achieving my goal.”

My time in KU has helped me grow into a person with ambition, empathy, and great insights that I learned from the people I encountered.

Kate Albers, bachelor’s in psychology, minor in sociology.

“KU is a stepping stone for me to enter into graduate school and earn a degree in counseling. The diverse course offerings have helped me gain knowledge and understanding about persons from many different walks of life which will help me to give support and guidance to my future patients.

I would advise current students to look at their time at KU as not only an opportunity to advance their career path, but also to grow as human beings by opening themselves up to the experiences and knowledge that the coursework and the teaching staff have to offer.KU was my school of choice because it offered me the opportunity of advancing my degree and self while also offering flexibility so I can juggle being a mom and my other responsibilities.”

With KU online I can structure my day so that I can be everywhere I need to be, be physically present for my kids, and do my coursework when my schedule permits.