10 cool classes for your “College era”

From classes in the department of linguistics to applied behavioral sciences, these courses offer a wide range of coursework and work towards various diverse skillsets. Whether you’re in your “Speak Now” or “Lover” era, these classes are sure to make waking up for an 8 a.m. better. Enrollment for spring 2023 is open, step into your “College era” with these 10 College classes. 

Taylor Swift – WGSS 101: Intro to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Find yourself and how that relates to your relationship with others in this introductory class in the department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. This course depicts how gender and identity plays into human life and the power structures within political, economic, and other social structures. With special attention to women’s issues and movements in the US and globally, this course is sure to bring all the “Taylor Swift” era feels!

Fearless – ABSC 250: Human Development 

Celebrate your adolescent years and learn more about what makes you, well, you! This Applied Behavioral Science course examines human life across various stages, from infancy through death. With special attention to cognitive, emotional, social, neurological, physical, genetic, environmental influences, dive into how humans work. Learn how we work through our life stages and come out “Fearless.” 

Speak Now – COMS 320: Communication on the Internet

Take on the world, put aside your fears, and “Speak Now,” in this course in Communication studies. Take a dive into interpersonal topics, like the establishment and maintenance of individual and cultural identities in this three-credit hour class. In a web-centered world, understanding internet communication is crucial, so give this course a try. 

Red – LING 345: Language and Gender

In this linguistics course, learn about the deep relationship between language use and gender. Why does one gender speak different from another? This course will focus on how spoken language and interpretation of speech is affected by gender. Take this course and poor communication won’t kill relationships in your “Red” era!

1989 – HA 337: Contemporary Art 

Reinvent what art means to you and live out your “1989” era in this course. Highlighting innovations in painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, video, and social practice worldwide since the 1980s, this course brings together different artists’ engagement with art themes. Although this course might not be centered around the kind of “artist” Taylor Swift is, it’s sure to give you all the 1989 feels.

Reputation – PHIL 381: Feminism and Philosophy

Get swept off your feet, not in love but in fascination, with this course from the department of Philosophy. With various topics surrounding the feminist movement, like sexism, the nature of love, and justifications of preferential treatment of women, this course will bring you into your “Reputation” era during the chaos of your semester.

Lover – PSYC 410: Intimate Relationships

Learn more about adult intimate relationships and examine friendships, committed relationships, and dissolution of committed relationships. Move into your “Lover” era with topics surrounding dating, such as romance, jealousy, self-disclosure, and social support. This course looks at various types of relationships, heterosexual and homosexual, traditional forms of relationships, and alternative lifestyles. 

Folklore – GERM 145: Fairy Tales Grimm, Disney, and Beyond

Soften the lines between reality and fantasia and dive into your “Folklore” era in this German studies course. Introduction to folk and fairy tales, with special attention to German tradition, this class investigates various tales in the literature world. Answer questions like “Why is the stepmother always evil?” and “Why do things always come in threes?” in GERM 145. 

Evermore – PSYC 472: Psychology of Sleep and Dreaming

This online course examines recent evidence on the roles of dreaming and dreamless sleep. It looks at psychological, developmental, personality, and social psychology factors and how they play into how we get our “ZZZZs.” Move into your dreamy “Evermore” era and learn more about the psychology behind going to bed at night. 

Midnights – GEOL 315: Gemstones

Learn more about geology and step into your “Bejeweled” era with this class on gemstones. Dive into the properties, occurrence, description, determination, mineral affinities, and legend and lore of gems, ornamental stones, and gem materials. This geology course is sure to teach you a little something you might not know.