Top 10 Pieces of Advice from Seniors to Freshmen

Top 10 Pieces of Advice from Seniors to Freshmen

We polled junior and senior Jayhawks to get their top 10 pieces of advice to younger Jayhawks. Here are their replies, along with helpful links from our writing staff.

1. “Talk to your professors if you need help. They are here to help you succeed!”

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Every professor you will ever have at KU wants you to do well. Read your syllabus at least once, and if you still need help or clarification on an assignment, don’t be afraid to reach out to them! If you need to get in touch with your professor but don’t know their email or office location, you can look them up in the KU Directory.

2. “Check in with your success team! Academic advisors, mentors, peer support, etc!”

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KU advisors are pros at helping students to find their unique path ahead, as well as options for changing course if you want to try something new! You can schedule an advising appointment by visiting the College Advising & Student Services, or just walk in.

You can also find a professional mentor through the KU Alumni Association! These mentors are KU graduates who were once in your shoes, and now have experience they can share with you to help you get ahead.

3. “Do not procrastinate. It’s not worth the extra stress.” 

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Fun fact: KU offers a time management guide to help keep you on-schedule, on-track, and stress-free.

4. “Get to know your professors, and get involved in research ASAP!” 

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Many students aren’t aware that you can conduct research on just about anything — even if it’s not in your major or field of study! If you are interested in research, the best place to start is by chatting with a favorite professor and cheking out the Center for Undergraduate Research.

5. “Be yourself! One opinion out of thousands doesn’t matter.”

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Be you. College is a time to explore, discover, and become the person you want to be. The right mindset helps with that, and CAPS offers 24/7 support as well as traditional counseling services if you ever forget what a go-getter you truly are.

6. “Get involved right away! Search for the clubs you’re interested in on Instagram, and go to Union Fest.”

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There are so many different clubs, events, and activities just for KU students. Do that thing you love to do — or discover something new! Whatever you’re interested in, you’ll find it at Rock Chalk Central.

7. “Feel free to try new hobbies and make sure to get out of your room and meet people!” 

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The University of Kansas has tons of activities, but it doesn’t stop there. The city of Lawrence is full of diverse people, cultures, and interests, and offers a range of choices for people like you who want to try something new, or continue to do what they love! Check out some of the options at

8. “Don’t be afraid to talk to people, try new things, and have fun — you don’t get college back!” 

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Want to get out of the dorm and do something as soon as you can? Here are upcoming events put on by many of KU’s different services! 

9. “Stay organized — I highly recommend paper planners or Google Calendar.”

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A good planner can make a world of difference when it comes to staying organized. The KU Bookstore has tons of planners available, and all KU students have access to Microsoft Office’s Calendar app.

10. “Always go to class! Set yourself up for success, it’ll reduce stress.”

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, check out this CAPS page with tips on cutting down your stress. And always remember: you’ve got this!