19 classes you didn’t know you could take in the KU Core

Still looking to complete some of the KU Core requirements? We’ve got you covered with everything from pirates and jewelry-making to sports fans and rap geniuses. Once you’re ready to enroll head over to classes.ku.edu for more info.

1. ASTR 394: Quest for Extraterrestrial Life

You don’t have to be Star Lord to search for life in the universe beyond the earth. Explore the astronomical conditions under which life might form and discover methods of searching for extraterrestrial life. Prerequisite: An introductory course in biology, astronomy or geology.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 in the KU Core.

ART 132: Metalsmithing jewelry

Start making a dent in those DIY Pinterest boards. This course is open to all university students, specifically those with limited or no previous experience. Study the field of jewelry and metalsmithing with an emphasis on the tools, processes, and techniques used in the design and creation of objects from a variety of metals.

Satisfies Goal 3 Arts and Humanities in the KU Core.

3. PHIL 150: Kinds of Minds

We know humans have minds, but does Wall-E? What’s the difference between a brain and a mind? How do humans, animals and machines think, process emotion or make decisions? And what are the moral and philosophical implications of it all? In this course, you’ll ask the tough questions that lead to pondering even more questions.

Satisfies Goal 2 Outcome 2 in the KU Core.

4. ATMO 220: Unusual weather


Ok, so you might not learn about Sharknados, but you will learn about unusual weather phenomena such as blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, and chinooks.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 & Goal 3 Natural Sciences in the KU Core.

5. HIST 177: Notorious Pirates

Yo ho! Dig deeper into the pirate life, investigating the economic, military, political, and social histories of piracy and its implications on labor relations and international law.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 in the KU Core

6. ENGL 203: Sports Fanatics and Hooligans

When does a “fan” become a “fanatic?” What unspoken rules govern the “ultimate fan?” By examining popular sports literature like Friday Night Lights, Fever Pitch & The Comeback Season, students will discuss how factors like race, class, gender and sexuality come into play off the field and in the stands.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1, Goal 2 Outcome & Goal 3 Arts and Humanities in the KU Core

7. AMS 110: American Identities

How do American identities take shape and change over time? Explore theories and methods relating to identity from various perspectives, such as race, sexuality, and religion.

Satisfies Goal 4 Outcome 1 & Goal 3 Social Sciences in the KU Core.

8. DANC 440: Introduction to Classical East Asian Dance

Expand your dance moves beyond the Carlton. Students will explore the movement vocabulary of Classical East Indian Dance, which emphasizes the coordination of rhythmic foot patterns with intricate hand gestures, and learn the mudras (hand gestures) and their significance and integration within each dance.

Satisfies Goal 4 Outcome 2 in the KU Core.

9. ANTH 110: Introduction to Archeology

We can’t promise Dr. Indiana Jones will teach this course, but we can promise you’ll dig this general introduction to the study of archaeology. Study the evolution of prehistoric cultures in adaptive response to changing natural and social environments, from the early Paleolithic to the emergence of urban civilizations.

Satisfies Goal 3 Arts and Humanities in the KU Core.

10. PHIL 180: Introduction to Social & Political Philosophy

giphy (6)

Where does power come from? What are the limits of power, and what justifies the authority of figures and sytems like government? Address these issues and more in Intro to Social & Political Philosophy.

Satisfies Goal 5 Outcome 1 & Goal 3 Arts and Humanities in the KU Core.

11. THR 120: Public Speaking as Performance

A unique approach to public speaking, students will compose and deliver presentations. Developing skills through theatre games, improvisational techniques, and vocal exercises, students will also learn to manage performance anxiety, organize a narrative, speak extemporaneously and articulate clearly.

Satisfies Goal 2 Outcome 2 in the KU Core

12. ENGL 203: Rock and Rap Writing

Once dimissed as noise and inarticulate utterances of adolescents, rock and rap/hip hop have come to be seen as modern art forms worthy of serious scholarly study and critical analysis. Students will explore written works examining these genres, which each introduced previously marginalized voices, as well as issues of race, class, and gender.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1, Goal 2 Outcomes 1, and Goal 3 Arts and Humanities in the KU Core.

13. HIST 399: The Samurai

giphy (3)

How much do you know about these noble warriors? Explore the history of the samurai from the beginning to the end – the dissolution of their class in 1877. Examine their military role, philosophy, and cultural contributions.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 & Goal 4 Outcome 2 in the KU Core.

14. POLS 110: Introduction to U.S. Politics

Politics can be messy. Gain a better understanding of the complicated political landscape in the United States, specifically basics of American governmental institutions, political processes, and policy, in Intro to U.S. Politics.

Satisfies Goal 3 Social Sciences in the KU Core.

15. GEOL 121: Life through time: DNA to Dinos

Journey to a land before time and explore connections between life and the geology of Earth.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 & Goal 3 Natural Sciences in the KU Core.

16. EVRN 336: Ethics, Ideas and Nature

Channel your inner Ron Swanson, thinking about the ethics of using and protecting the natural world. Discover indigenous approaches to nature, the history of ecological ideas, environmental movements, environmental lawmaking, wilderness advocacy and environmental justice. Can also be taken as HIST 336.

17. WGSS 333: Politics of Physical Appearance

How do stands of beauty and cultural conceptions of women’s bodies change across time and culture groups? Students will address standards of physical attraction through the years and the impact of these standards on women as individuals and on social and political outcomes.

Satisfies Goal 4 Outcome 1 & Goal 1 Outcome 1 in the KU Core.

18. SOC 177: What Gender is your Jayhawk?

Address current issues in sociology, specifically gender. This course is designed for first-time freshman to meet the critical thinking learning outcome.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 in the KU Core.

19. LAA 177: Cuban Cinema: Tropical Reels

Expand your experience with Cuban entertainment beyond Ricky Ricardo. Address current issues in Latin Area & Caribbean studies, specifically focusing on Cuban cinema. Can also be taken as FMS 177.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 in the KU Core.

Note: These classes are offered across all semesters. Check out the schedule of classes to see what’s available in upcoming semesters.