7 insider tips to rock fall semester

You’re back on campus, and raring to go! The summer sun has lit a fire in you, and you’re pumped to make this the best semester of your life. Soon the leaves will start to fall on Jayhawk Boulevard, and your days will be full of classes, pursuing your passions and hanging out with friends on the Hill.  So before that happens, check out these opportunities and resources on campus to help you on your way to success:

1. Take your professor to lunch

Score a free lunch and make important connections at the same time = winning. Plus, it’s super easy. Just ask a professor out to lunch with you or a group of friends, request a free lunch voucher online and enjoy!

2. Meet your advisor


With more than 50 departments, the College is a pretty big place. The biggest school on campus, in fact. But don’t worry, we’ll help you navigate the ins and outs of enrollment, degree requirements and getting to graduation. We have advisors who specialize in your major, so they’ve got this. Schedule an advising appointment by calling (785) 864-3500 or online through the myKU portal and make sure you’re staying on track to that glorious walk down the Hill.

3. Take a class outside your comfort zone


The beauty of college is that it’s the perfect time to explore and discover. Did you know you could take courses in more than 40 languages? Or learn the history of pirates, how to flamenco dance, or why extreme weather happens? Each of these classes will teach you unique skills you’ll use the rest of your life – like critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving, team work, strong communication, and ethical judgment. Not sure where to start? Check out a few of our lists.

4. Visit your professor’s office hours at least once


Professors set aside this time specifically to meet with students, so take advantage of it. They are happy to answer any questions you may have about the class, course material or their field of expertise. Plus, they are usually pretty great resources for academic or career advice and those connections can help you down the road when you’re looking for references.

5. Attend the Volunteer Fair and/or the Internship Fair


Start looking for opportunities to boost your resume, develop important skills and decide what life looks like after graduation. The experience you’ll gain as a volunteer and/or an intern will be well worth the time you put into it and you’ll probably have some fun along the way! The University Career Center has already gathered up a bunch of employers and organizations for you – so all you have to do is show up.

6. With over 100 academic programs on offer, surf the College site


We’re a lot like TSwift, well except for the whole platinum record thing. We’ve been spending a lot of time getting resources online to make it easier for you to discover all your options. By searching on college.ku.edu, you can explore more than 100 major and minor options in the College. So if you’re still looking for the perfect major (or double major) or thinking about adding a minor – this is the place to be. Get to know more about degree requirements, possible career options and even work with an advisor to chart your path to graduation.

7. Attend a departmental event


Getting involved outside of classes is a big part of the campus experience and one you should definitely be taking advantage of. You’ll probably learn something new, meet someone interesting and get some sort of free food/swag out of the deal – so what’ve you got to lose? Departments will often bring in lecturers, host discussions, show films and the theater or dance department is always putting on a great live performance. Check out the KU calendar or follow us on Snapchat (KUCollegeLAS) for the deets on these great opportunities.

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