6 electives to spice up your schedule

This semester, take a class outside your comfort zone. You might discover a new passion and learn a new skill. Plus, you’ll become a more well-rounded person with diverse knowledge and experiences. So what have you got to lose?

1. DANC 330 World Dance

Papers and rent payments got you down? Shake it off. Just like T Swift, in this course, you’ll learn a variety of dance styles and forms.

Students examine dance forms from throughout the world and how they relate to the times and cultures in which they evolved. Dance forms such as African, East Indian classical, European court dance, ballet, modern, and jazz will be studied through readings, master classes, live performances, videotapes, and films. Prerequisite: 200-level English course.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 4 Outcome 2

2. ATMO 105 Intro to Meteorology

Turns out Queen Elsa can do more than just manipulate the weather. When Elsa froze Arendelle, did you know she released as much energy as a nuclear bomb? In this class you’ll learn about energy and be able to calculate energy transfers, like how much energy is released by water when it freezes.

This is a lecture and laboratory course introducing students to the atmosphere, weather and climate phenomena, and their controlling physical processes. Topics covered include: the structure of the atmosphere, energy and energy budgets, climate and climate change, air pollution, clouds and precipitation, pressure and wind systems, severe weather, and weather forecasting.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 3 Natural Sciences

3. ART 133 Fundamentals of Fibers

Take DIY to a new level and create something you can actually show off to all your friends.

Students will explore fibers as an art form and means of personal expression. A variety of dyeing, construction, and surface embellishment techniques will be introduced.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 3  Arts and Humanities

4. GEOG 395 Environmental Issues of the Wakarusa Wetlands

After trekking up Mt. Oread multiple times a day, you’re probably pretty sick of “Kansas is flat” jokes from your non-Kansan friends. There’s a lot more to learn about Lawrence’s local environment. In GEOG 395, students will explore environmental issues of the Wakarusa Wetlands.

A study of how local, national, and international government and non-governmental stakeholders address environmental problems.

5. GEOL 302 Oceanography


Ohhhhh let’s name the zones, the zones, the zones. Let’s name the zones of the open sea! Ok, maybe you won’t sing along with Mr. Ray in this class, but you will get the chance to dive into understanding the ocean system and the role of humans in disturbing it.

Study relationships between and dependence upon the interactions of submarine topography, water chemistry, wave action, and biota in understanding the ocean system. Review of part that humanity plays in perturbing the natural oceanic environment. Discussions of estuarine problems as related to the sea, cultural activities, and rivers. Prerequisite: An introductory science course.
Satisfies KU Core: Goal 3 Natural Sciences

6. EVRN 170 Intro to Kansas Landscapes

Rolling hills and brilliant sunflowers where the skies are not cloudy all day. Get your boots muddy and discover first-hand the beauty of this great state.

A course focused on the land and environment of Kansas. Field trips provide students with direct experience of the diverse landscapes in our area. Coursework also emphasizes the dynamic nature of the current landscape and the natural and cultural processes that have shaped it.

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Note: These classes are offered across all semesters. Check out the schedule of classes to see what’s available in upcoming semesters.