8 Cool College Classes – Fall 2024 Edition

With so many diverse departments and interesting courses, there is something for everyone in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Fall 2024 enrollment is open and we’ve made this list of eight really cool classes in the College for your consideration. Whether you’re looking to complete a KU Core goal, or just looking to try something new, this comprehensive list is a great place to start!

AAAS 310 – Introduction to Black Education in the U.S.

From the department of African and African-American Studies, this course explores a wide range of topics related to the educational experiences of African-American children, from Emancipation to today. Intersectionality, schools and inequality, hip-hop education, post-Reconstruction, race, and more are covered in this course. The class is interdisciplinary and supports different fields of study across multiple degree programs. There are no prerequisites for this course, which takes place online from October 28th to December 20th.

ABSC 150 – Community Leadership

This online course offered by the department of Applied Behavioral Science introduces analysis, intervention, evaluation, and leadership in contemporary problems facing local communities. The readings, lectures, and service-learning activities enable students to understand community issues, including how to address them. There are no prerequisites for the course, which takes place online from August 26th to October 14th, and also satisfies Goal 5 Outcome 1 of the KU Core requirements.

COMS 207 – Introduction to Political Communication

With the upcoming election in mind, enrolling in this department of Communication Studies course could help you beyond the classroom. The course addresses different ways leaders, the media, and citizens affect the political communication process. Course materials are organized in three different areas: foundations of political communication, central questions and theories in political communication, and political campaigning and advertising. Online and in-person course times are available. Concurrent or prior enrollment in COMS 130 is required.

HA 344 – Manga: Histories and Theories

Deep dive into Japanese manga in this course offered by the department of History of Art. Manga is an extremely popular and influential medium not only in Japan, but internationally as well. This course will examine manga artists’ works from the late 19th century to present day, exploring major issues addressed and theoretical approaches used in the genre. The course is offered online.

JWSH 329 – Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An Introduction

The department of Jewish Studies offers this timely course, which will provide an introduction to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the Ottoman period to present day. Course material will cover the social and political effects on Israeli and Palestinian life and citizenship, official and unofficial narratives, and international responses to the conflict. The course is offered in-person and satisfies Goal 3 of the KU Core.

POLS 315 – Campaigns and Elections

Interested in learning more about the upcoming elections? Take this course offered by the department of Political Science. It will examine the behavior of candidates, campaigns, and voters in the electoral process. Course material will center on the role of media, the impact of money, the operations of political campaigns, and the effect of campaign laws. The course is offered in-person.

SPLH 430 – Communication in Autism

This course from the department of Speech-Language-Hearings provides you with an introduction to the characteristics and communication of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Course material will focus on diagnostic criteria, early identification, communication assessment and intervention considerations, and partnering with families who have family members with ASD. The course is offered online.

WGSS 333 – Politics of Physical Appearance

Through an interdisciplinary analysis of standards of physical attractiveness and cultural conception of women’s bodies, this Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies course examines how women’s beauty standards impact social and political outcomes. The class will include analysis of how standards change over time in cultural groups. It is being offered both in-person and online, and also satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 of KU Core.