Bio Meets Business: A Peek into Grace Proett’s KU Life


Why did you choose your majors and minors? 

I chose Biology as my major with hopes of a career in a medical field so that I may work to better the quality of others lives. As well, a minor in business will help me gain the skills for effective marketing & business strategies.

How do your majors and minors complement one another?

This major and minor allows my two greatest interests to be combined – helping people and developing leadership skills. I would like to go into biotech sales and this is a great option for me to combine the health care field with the creativity of marketing.

What is your favorite KU memory?

The best thing I have done since coming to KU was live in a residence hall my freshman year. It allowed me to meet many of my best friends and get involved in different organizations throughout campus. It instantly made KU feel smaller and the hill feel like home!

What is one class at KU that everyone should take, and why?

I really enjoyed taking a first year seminar, I learned about so many resources KU offers and have been able to use those resources in the semesters since.

What’s a fun fact about you:


"I had the opportunity to go home to Hutchinson for the afternoon on the KU jet to participate in the KU Road Show."