Chance Maginness’ story: passion plus experience equals change

When Chance Maginness graduated high school, he did something that no one from Westmoreland, Kansas, had done in four years: he went to the University of Kansas. This was a big decision, and it wasn’t easy in the beginning. Coming from a town of 778 people and a graduating class of 53, Chance soon realized that he didn’t have the friendship networks that most of his peers did. This, Chance felt, put him at a serious disadvantage from the start. So, like all compassionate Jayhawks, he decided to do something about it and help make changes that would have a lasting impact on the lives of others coming to KU from small towns in the future.

Chance threw himself into student politics. He ran for Student President in 2017. And he continues to dedicate much of his time advocating to improve the student experience in his role on the Student Senate, chairing the finance committee.

Rather than seeing his role on the Student Senate as distinct from his political science classes, Chance blends the two together. His thesis is about First Amendment issues with student elections, driven by a question drawn from his experience in student politics. Chance Maginness’ story is one where personal experience, academic interests, and campus involvement form a symbiotic relationship, the skills, knowledge and experience from each informing the others. The result is a perfect cocktail of passions and interests that drive Chance to make a difference.

Chance takes over the College Instagram account on March 14, 2018