Be A Jayhawk: Tiara Floyd

Why did you choose your majors and minors?

I chose my major and minors because I feel like I can best understand the world around me by studying them.

How do your majors and minors complement one another?

My majors and minors complement each other because they all have a cultural aspect to them and by studying a language, I can take my studies and knowledge internationally.

What is your favorite KU memory?

My favorite KU memory is going to Late Night in the Phog both years I’ve been at KU.

What is one class at KU that everyone should take, and why?

One class everyone should take is AAAS 117 with Professor Accilien because she is an awesome professor and the class opens your eyes to a lot of issues that are affecting Black women worldwide.

What’s a fun fact about you:

I am “ambidextrous”; since I was developing left handed as a baby, but had to develop with my right hand as a kid, I use both of my hands for different functions. (i.e. right for writing, but left for sports, and sometimes I use both while eating).