Korbin Painter follows many paths through history

Speaking to Korbin Painter, you are instantly struck by his love for learning about the past. He’s curious about how and why people lived, and the ways they were affected by seismic political changes. These interests led Korbin to a honors thesis researching the lives of lesbian women living under the Nazi regime in Germany, investigating their struggles and resistance. How and why did he pursue this topic?

Korbin always wants to gain a deep understanding of the worlds he studies, and takes an entrepreneurial approach to his research. When he encounters new questions, he seeks the classes needed to answer them from across the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. A major in History offers Korbin the knowledge and skills to best understand the past, while a major in German Studies gives him vital language skills and an appreciation for German culture. When ancient philosophers kept appearing in the documents he studied, Korbin added a minor in the Department of Classics.

This Jayhawk follows many paths to pursue his research topic, producing exceptional work and demonstrating the benefit of double majoring in the College.

Why history?

According to Korbin, studying history is about more than simply understanding what happened in the past. History offers lessons that we can learn from today. He studies history because it matters, and can help us to create a better world.

We can learn a lot from history. We learn what things we are doing right in society. And what things we are doing wrong and our mistakes, and we can learn from them.

Learn more about Korbin’s interdisciplinary research on the history of sexuality in Germany, and life as a student in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of Kansas in the following video: