Savannah Pine broadens horizons

Savannah Pine lives and breathes history. It’s a passion that has directed her days since she arrived at KU, and she dreams of working as a professor beyond graduation. But her curiosity reaches beyond the boundaries of a history major.  Savannah approaches the past in the same way she lives in the present, seeking connections and lessons from people living, working and thinking in diverse ways.

At KU, Savannah takes full advantage of all the expertise, resources and opportunities available across the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Curiosity for a wide range of classes led Savannah to add a European studies major and a minor in English. This combination allows her to explore her research as deeply as possible.

Quote: I'm curious. So I take all of these courses and classes that I don't know anything about.

But her boundary-less learning doesn’t stop at her majors and minor. The diversity of students in the College also breeds innovation in Savannah’s research. Chatting with geologists, filmmakers, political scientists and more fuels Savannah’s imagination and inspires an entrepreneurial approach to her studies.

Four pictures. Left to right: First, selfie of Savannah with text reading "I'm Savannah Pine and CLAS trusted me with their snapchat account; Second, a picture of a page from a German book with notes and annotations and quote from Savannah reading "Just finished a productive German class; third, a picture of an office with a desk, chair, bookcase and filing cabinet with a quote from Savannah reading "Will be in Wescoe 3611 until #;45. Come talk about research and history; fourth, a picture of the Wakins library at night with windows lit up, and a quote from Savannah reading "Entering my second home. Night, y'all! -Pine
Savannah Pine takes over the College Snapchat to share her typical day.

And that’s not all. Reaching beyond her formal studies, Savannah’s passion for the humanities led her to become editor of the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Humanities at KU. In this role, Savannah gains key professional experience vital for her chosen career path and gets to engage with the fascinating humanities research bubbling across the College.

We can’t wait to see how all of this comes together in Savannah’s career and to read her first book. But for now, here she is discussing her time at KU: