Carson Vickroy, the World’s Fastest Weatherman

“Take advantage of all the opportunities that you have, while you can.” That’s the advice of self-proclaimed “weather nerd” and aspiring broadcast meteorologist Carson Vickroy. It’s a mantra that he lives by, and one that has brought him happiness and success in pursuit of his dream career.

It was when he was in third grade that Carson first became fascinated by the weather. That year, he watched as Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. A year later, a tornado landed near a track-meet, and Carson’s passion was cemented. He wanted to know about the science behind the weather and to learn more about forecasting. He never looked back, enrolling in KU’s geography & atmospheric science program.

Carson studies images of weather maps and forecast temperatures on two computer screens.

While at KU, Carson longed to put his newly developed forecasting skills to work and created a Facebook page to practice on. The “World’s Fastest  Weatherman” was born.  Carson is a member of the KU cross-country team, and the name combines his duel passions for weather and running. It is now his personal brand.

Carson running for the University of Kansas.

The site also became his ticket to a first experience as a broadcaster live on air when it was seen by Rick Katzfey, then meteorologist at Channel 6 Lawrence. Carson was invited to the studio, and he now acts as a fill-in reading the weather and gaining vital work experience at the station.

Carson, wearing a suit and tie, stands in front of a green screen

Carson credits the science, problem solving and communications skills he develops by studying in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences as vital to achieving his dream career:

Following his passions, seeking new opportunities and embracing everything that comes his way, this entrepreneurial Jayhawk is now perfectly placed to reach his dream career.

Read more about Carson the athlete here. Many thanks to KU Athletics for sharing the photos of Carson used in this article.