Sana Cheema’s passions for people, public service and medicine intersect

Sana Cheema is always alert for those eureka moments, when a new passion emerges that demands attention.  This open-minded can-do attitude means that when lightning strikes, Sana commits, determined to do the best she can in her studies, campus leadership and future career as a physician.

When a high school science experiment won Sana top prize in the State of Kansas, she took this as a sign to keep asking questions about the world around us and enrolled as a biology major at KU.

Running parallel to, and in conjunction with this interest in science, was a determination to help others and leave a lasting impact on the world. A pre-med student with ambitions to work in the medical field was a start, but Sana wanted to take her commitment to public service further. A “wonderful internship experience” working with Kansas Senator Jerry Moran in Washington D.C. deepened Sana’s interest in public policy and how it impacts people. Back on campus, Sana got involved in a range of activities, contributing her energy as vice president of both the KU pre-medical society and Student Alumni Leadership Board, as well as founding and running KU’s Friends of Pakistan organization, helping combat often negative portrayals of that country seen in the media. We are sure that this aspiring physician, public servant and advocate for all people will leave a lasting impact on the world, as she has already done here in the College, the heart of KU.

Sana takes over the College Instagram (2.27.2018)

"After my sophomore year, I went into an interview and they said 'you're not as involved on campus as you could be and that kinda was the switch for me and I started to look for organizations on campus that really matter to me."


"I really like trying to find answers to some of the questions around us."

"The benefit of being in the KU College is that you get to meet students that take a different perspective on the same problem. I think that's a very important aspect to have as all of us go out into the real world."