Top Six Reasons to Take a Summer Class

Top six reasons to take a summer class

Summer is upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking about making the most of the warmer months. Summer classes are the perfect way to stay on track to accomplishing your academic goals. Here are the top six reasons you should enroll for Summer 2021.

1. Stay on Track – Maybe Get Ahead (Gasp!)

Had an intense semester? Need time to do an internship? Working on a double major or adding a minor? Summer classes are your friend AND a great way to stay on track for graduation. Not sure what to take? Talk to your advisor! Also, keep reading. We’ve got some ideas.

2. Flexibility

The summer is a great time to take advantage of the “extra” hours in the day. Summer classes are typically just a few hours a day, leaving time to work, travel and enjoy your friends and family.

Bonus Idea: Take an online course and learn in your living room. Can’t get more flexible than that!

3. KU Core

There are more than 160 classes available during the summer that will fulfill a KU Core requirement. (Seriously, we counted.) See #1 on why this is important.

4. Take a hard, single class

Need a chance to really concentrate on a writing, math, or science course? The summer is the perfect time to focus on a class that you’ve maybe been dreading or know will need your singular attention.

5. Take a cool elective in KU Core – enrichment courses for life

Okay, this seems to go against #4 and could be the same as #3, but go with us for a second. You know those classes that catch your eye every year? The classes about zombies, Russian graphic novels, samurais or sci-fi films – now is the time! Go for it.

6. You CAN graduate in the summer!

Did you know that you can graduate in the summer? Maybe you had an internship this semester, or a giant senior project that took more time than expected. That’s cool. Walk in May, finish up and graduate in summer. No problem.