Unwinding: Donna Ginther breaks down economic impact of COVID-19

text reading donna ginther economist over an image of economic rates next to a photo of a woman with blonde hair wearing a red shit

In March 2020, America’s economy was rocked by the beginning of shutdowns and stay-at-home orders due to the rise of COVID-19 in the country. As a third round of stimulus hits bank accounts this month, much of the country is still working to get back to pre-pandemic economic levels. Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics Donna Ginther, who also serves as the Director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research, used her experience as an economic policy researcher to begin providing updates on the economic impacts of COVID. Hear more about her work on COVID economic recovery, how she used her background as an economist to study how mask mandates improved COVID rates, her work as a policy researcher, and more on the latest episode of Unwinding.

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