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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Online degree completion program offers challenge, support, and community. You’ll earn a liberal arts and sciences degree, giving you the flexibility to take your career in endless directions. You’ll have support throughout your online coursework from dedicated professors and staff. And you’ll join the community of Jayhawk graduates who are making a difference around the world. Meet some recent graduates and see how a degree from the College Online made a difference for them!

Brenton Del Chiaro

My name is Brenton Del Chiaro and I am a former student athlete (baseball) at KU. 18 years ago, I left KU to pursue my dreams of playing Major League Baseball.  I was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels as a Senior and left school without completing my degree. On draft day, I promised my family that I would finish my college degree at some point. What seemed like a simple agreement became a distant memory and more of an empty promise as the years went by.

A change in career brought about an incredible opportunity to return to KU and finish my degree.  The College Online provided me the chance to enroll in classes while living in Phoenix, AZ and start working towards my degree completion. The decision to return to school was an easy one but the personal commitment it required was not so easy.  It takes time and effort,  along with raising a family and having a full time job, it was a lot to juggle.  However, the support and advice that I received from my Academic Advisor, Denise Farmer, was invaluable to me during the process. Denise and the rest of the staff made me feel confident that my experience and transition back to being a student would be a smooth one. The enrollment process was simple, my professors were great communicators, and my experience was incredible. When I entered The College Online, I needed to complete 8 classes to earn my degree. I am thrilled to report that I have finished my degree in a year’s time and I attended graduation in May.

“My family, wife, and son were able to see me take ‘the Walk’ down the hill. Denise Farmer and The College Online showed me the true meaning of, ‘Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk.’ I am forever grateful for their generosity and support.” - Brenton Del Chiaro, Class of 2018

Janee Osborn

All I can really say is this: It was worth every second of hard work. It definitely wasn’t easy being a full time student, full time mom, and having a full time job. BUT I had the support I needed from my friends and family to push through. I also had support from my advisor, she was absolutely amazing in answering all of the questions I had and checked in on me often. Overall, I had a great experience going as an online student. It was a good fit for me considering my situation. My advice would be this: Don’t give up, ever. Always push through, and if you need help, ASK. There will always be someone there to help you. Rock Chalk!

Dakota Driscoll

I really enjoyed my experience in the Online program. I work full time so coming to campus every day was not an option for me. KU Online gave me the chance to complete my degree which I would not have been able to do otherwise. I was very happy with the large selection of available online courses for Core requirements as well as senior electives, and I am so happy to see that more degree programs have been added.

“My advice for future students would be to reach out to professors and work on good time management skills.” - Dakota Driscoll

Being a completely online student, when it came time for letters of recommendation for graduate school, I felt a little nervous because I didn’t have the face to face experience with professors that I did with on-campus classes. Professors will appreciate the extra effort you make to connect. A big misconception about online classes is that they are easier than in-person. I actually think they are more challenging because you have to schedule out your own time to not only learn the material, but also to complete the assignments. You must have exceptional time management skills to be successful online. Also, take advantage of the Online school advisors! I feel very lucky that I came back to KU to be a part of the Online program. It is an amazing opportunity for incoming freshman, non-traditional, and return students to complete their degree on their own schedule.

General info about me: I came to KU in 2011 straight out of high school, left KU to go to cosmetology school and become a hair stylist, and came back to KU in 2017 to complete a Bachelor of General Studies. I am continuing onto a Master of Public Health at KU Med in the Fall.

Jeremy Pafford

“The breadth of class offerings in the online degree program attracted me to the University of Kansas, and the engagement with instructors and classmates kept my attention throughout the process. ” - Jeremy Pafford, Class of 2018

Advisers were attentive and readily available to guide me along the way, and the Blackboard online learning system does an outstanding job of keeping students on track with lessons and assignments. Online classes require discipline and self-motivation — they are not necessarily easier than in-person classes! But with that discipline and drive you can be a success and discover abilities and interests you did not know you had.

John Gamble

After taking the MCAT, I left my undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas early to attend medical school in 1988. After completing my medical school studies and radiology residency at Johns Hopkins I began a military commission and practiced as an Air Force (AF) radiologist at the AF Academy, Colorado Springs.  I am currently the Radiology department chairman at a Springfield, Missouri area hospital and have been practicing medicine for over 20 years.  I always told myself that one day I would return to complete my KU undergrad degree. That dream came true when KU began its online program.  Next year I will have three daughters in college. One at MIT studying mechanical engineering and robotics, another a second-year nursing student at KU and my baby will be a KU computer science incoming freshman.

Why KU and not a local online program? Because I am a Jayhawk for life. Also, the KU program allowed me to login from anywhere and study anytime with no commute. This means I could do my coursework around my work schedule and family life.  KU offers a plethora of accredited programs at a lower cost. This means that attending KU online will allow you to apply for federal and state financial aid, transfer credits more easily, and will provide better employment opportunities upon graduation. Furthermore, KU offers more intensive minimesters (complete entire 3-hour course in 8 weeks) for faster degree completion.

The University of Kansas has been instrumental in changing my life and the lives of my family members for the better.  Let it change yours…​

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