Natasha LaGrega: Prepping for Med School in the College

Why did you choose your majors and minors?

I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Biochemistry with a minor in Psychology on a pre-med track. The reason why I choose to be a B.A. in Biochemistry instead of the more common Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) is because even though I love science, I also love English and humanities classes. A B.A. allows me to take four semesters of Spanish and other humanities classes that would provide me with a well-rounded education and opportunities in bilingual medicine. I am also a psychology minor because human behavior is of great interest to me, especially human development and abnormal mental conditions.

How do your majors and minors complement one another?


"Biochemistry really answers my questions of how the body works in its incredible and complex system."

My minor in psychology goes great with my biochemistry major because it allows me to look at the other side of the same coin; focusing on the human behavior aspect and the development of life.

What is your favorite KU memory?

As of right now, my favorite KU memory would have to be Late Night at the Phog because it truly started the year off right by getting all the students into the KU Spirit! They introduced all the basketball players, and at the end, Lil Boat performed and came up into the stands with the students.

What’s one class at KU that everyone should take, and why?

I recommend taking any class with Mary Klayder. She is a wonderful professor, and loves to become a friend and advisor to her students!

What’s a fun fact about you?

I have been an on-call Disney Princess for the Dream Factory. I dress up as Princess Belle and help reveal dreams to kids!